Saturday, 21 April 2018

23rd to 29th April 2018


The following is an extract from Bristol and West Country Geology Calendars

More details can be found in the Bristol and the West Country Calendars and on the web sites of the relevant Society or organisation.

Monday 23rd

Dave Green - Planetary Geology
Mon, 23 April, 19:30 – 21:30
Planetary Geology. Monday 16th April, for 10 weeks, until 9th July (not 7th nor 28th May). The state of knowledge of the planets of the solar system has improved vastly in the past 40 years as a result of space missions and improved technology for observation and analysis. The course will examine the results of this activity and evidence for these interpretations in terms of the internal structure, magnetism and geophysics of these bodies; their tectonics and volcanism, the effects of impacting bodies, and the surface conditions –atmospheres, oceans, sedimentary features and biology. Held at Wynstones School, Stroud Road, Whaddon, Gloucester from 7.30-9.30pm on Mondays. Cost £70.

Dave Green, Joys Green Farm, Forge Hill, Lydbrook, Glos GL17 9QU Tel 01594 860858

Tuesday 24th

WEGA AGM at Wills Memorial Building at 7:30 PM

The agenda is as follows:- 


Adoption of the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting 

Chair’s Report 

Field Secretary’s Report
(This group does not have a Field Secretary and so the Chair covered the report) 

 Secretary’s Report 

Membership Secretary’s report
The Membership Secretary’s duties are being covered by the Treasurer and the Secretary. 

Treasurer’s report 

Election of the New Committee 

Please send nominations to Secretary by post or at the AGM

2017 -2018 Committee – some overlap with previous year due to AGM being non-quorate and the need for an SGM

Doug Robinson / Mary Lee                  Chair

Judy Hible                                         Treasurer

Bobby Oliver / Flyff McLaren              Secretary

Vacancy                                             Field Secretary

Graeme Churchard                             Newsletter / Blog

Doug Robinson                                   Webmaster

John McLellan                                   Co-opted Member

Janice Theis                                     ‘Down to Earth’ distributor

Any Other Business.

In addition there will be a short presentation of a recent fossil hunting trip to Morocco and some rather nice trilobites!

Wednesday 25th

Thursday 26th

Friday 27th

Saturday 28th

OUGS Severnside - Field Meeting
Saturday, 28 Apr 2018
Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales (map)
Coastal Geology at Ogmore and Southerndown 

Leader: Dr Geraint Owen 

Location: Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales 

Date: April 28th 2018 (Saturday) 

Type: Day Trip 

Summary: We shall investigate the sedimentary rocks that were laid down during the Carboniferous, Triassic and Jurassic periods along this scenic part of the South Wales coast.

Sunday 29th

OU Geol Soc Wessex - Excursion
Sunday, 29 Apr 2018
Selsey, West Sussex (map)
Geology, fossils and coastal change around Selsey, West Sussex

Leader David Bone

Jeremy Cranmer
tel.  01305 267133

The Carnian Pluvial Episode and dinosaurs

Fossil Tracks and the Rise of the Dinosaurs

The Economist reports on a period when dinosaurs became the prevalent animal group. You will all, of course, be familiar with the Carnian Pluvial Episode (234 to 232m years ago in the Triassic). In this period the climate went from dry, to wet, to dry again four times over the course of 2m years. The best evidence for this period is found in marine rocks and, of course, dinosaurs are land animals.

The authors of the paper which has inspired The Economist's article use the peculiar geology of the Dolomites. Here there are deposits with fossil tracks which can be precisely dated. There are three groups of tracks (grouped by age) and these straddle the Carnian Pluvial Episode.

The earliest group had no dinosaur tracks, the middle ones were 40% dinosaur and the youngest 90%. 

it would seem that the stress caused by the pluvial episode was good for the dinosaurs, less so for the dicynodonts and rhynchosaurs. But the stress at the end of the Cretaceous was enough to kill off the dinosaurs. Which makes a nice story.

Fossil tracks from the Dolomites

Bath Geol Soc's event for GeoWeek

Bath Geological Society have an event for GeoWeek!

Bath Geol Soc have sent me the following:-

Geo-week event

Saturday 5th May 2018

Brown’s Folly car park
Minor road between Monkton Farleigh and Bathford

Geological guided tour, fossils and geocaching
Free event

Visitors welcome: all ages with sturdy footwear
Further details on the website

More details of WEGA's trip to Seaton

Trip to Seaton in June

More details are emerging of WEGA's trip to Seaton on the 28th June. 

John McLellan writes:-

This is a visit to Seaton Jurassic Visitor Centre on Thurs 28 June 2018.  The event starts at Seaton Jurassic (parking adjacent) at 10.15 (2 hour drive from Bristol) with a guided tour of the exhibit.  After an hour or so, we will have coffee/tea in their meeting room and be joined by Jurassic Coast Ambassador Mike Green.  He and I will give a talk about the geology of the Jurassic Coast.  

At c.12.30, we can walk a half-mile onto the sea front promenade and cliff-top gardens.  There is a geology trail here and a good viewpoint – and a place to have a packed lunch.  There are also places to buy ice-creams.  Then we walk along the prom’ a bit more, look at some greensand fossiliferous boulders on the beach (maybe) via Triassic red cliffs  up some steps (a faultline) alongside the Cretaceous and then a gently rising path towards Beer.  We can either descend to Beer and/or turn back.  But Beer is worth the effort to see the massive chalk cliffs.  The whole round trip is 3-4 miles. 

We will aim to be back at the carpark for a 4pm departure.  Back in Bristol c.6pm. 

Currently I have drawn a blank on getting a mini-bus, so we may need to do car shares and I can certainly take 3 people.  I will keep trying re bus but can discuss at the AGM. 

The guided tour and coffee/biscuits will be £10 per head.

GeoWeek Events

Have You an Event for Geoweek?

GeoWeek is the 5th to 13th May but there is still time to submit an event. You can get the submission form HERE. The page about the events is HERE.

Map of GeoWeek events
Click on a pin to find out more

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Postgraduate Diploma in the Geology of Northern England

Postgraduate Diploma in the Geology of Northern England

I recently received this - it sounds pretty good. You can find the details HERE.

*Applications are now being taken for September 2018 for the part-time, online Postgraduate Diploma in the Geology of Northern England from the University of York – find out more here.*


‘We are so lucky in the UK to have a great diversity of rocks and spectacular landscapes on our very own doorstep, and northern England in particular has an abundance of world-famous and classic geological sites. This exciting and unique postgraduate diploma utilises the geological wealth of northern England and explores the main principles of geology through a regional examination of the area. Students on the programme also assess the role of the area’s importance with respect to current controversies in the Earth sciences, from fracking to climate change, whilst also reflecting upon the region's vital role in the history of Geology. We go on to examine human interactions with the region’s rocks and landscapes, from the Palaeolithic to the present day, so all in all a fascinating journey overall!’ - Dr Annette McGrath, Associate Lecturer leading the programme. 


The programme is taught online part time, over two years for maximum flexibility of learning, yet it is extremely interactive where you will be part of an active online community. Each Autumn term includes a mandatory five day residential week in York, including practical sessions and field trips as well as the opportunity to meet your fellow students and staff, engage in discussion and share your knowledge of Geology.